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2021 Contestants

Ms Aimee, AKA Ms Needles is a Lesbian Leather Domme from Wichita, KS and considers herself a “lifer” in the lifestyle. She discovered kink online in 1995, and began learning and growing in person since her 21st birthday. She began her Leather Journey 2007, and has the honor of serving as MS. WOOLF LEATHER 2008. Over the years she helped found various Leather groups in Kansas, and has presented at many events, large and small. She is the leader of a small but mighty (and growing) leather family. She is a fierce advocate for inclusion, diversity, and affirming environments. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers. What are yours?

Dr Monkey Man
None of the careers I have had throughout my life compares to the adventure I have been living over the last 10 + years within the BDSM lifestyle. Upon meeting Sir Lisa from Tampa, I began to realize I was already living Leather. Now, for the last two years, I have been working diligently with my local kinksters to build a safe haven for the various Lifestyles present in my area and beyond by opening Dragon’s Tail Alternative Lifestyle Community. We accept all no matter their identity and provide a support system the closely resembles a family.