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2018 Judges

Head Judge: luna Nia

slave luna is from Denver, Colorado and served as the 2016 Colorado slave. she is owned, collared and married to Master Seykou and is the First Lady of the House of Nia.

slave luna is a member of one of the founding Houses of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition, co-creator for the Lifestyle Lighthouse Phone In, Denver Metro community liaison for the Hard Pink Sisterhood and serves as the co-director of MAsT: Denver Females.

she is known for her open, honest and transparent heart and for always being her authentic self with a service driven focus and uplifting outlook on the empowerment and education of submissive and slaves. she speaks passionately about transparency and honor within dynamics, self-worth and confidence in surrender and being proactive and vigilant in service.

Judge Mark Frazier 

Just your usual perverted "kinster' who loves life, friends and exploring my own never endng journey.

I really fit no self-imposed mold: Cowboy, Leatherman, sadist, masochist, top, bottom, activist, educator, Businessman, Gay-man, and yes, honorary Lesbian are all applicable.

Most see me as an edge player with little tolerance for people who become complacent with their own evolving sexuality. I have no time in my life for BS!

Judge Neko 

Neko is a kinky leather man who started his journey in 1996. His travels and learning began as a collared slave. After almost 2 years, his Mistress felt he was on the wrong end of the flogger and spent 3 years training him to provide the proper care and feeding for his own slaves, as well as building upon Leather history, traditions, and ideals. He is the head of his leather house, the House of Blood and Ice, which follows the Code of Bushido. Currently he owns two slaves, koneko, who has been with him since 2002 in a 24/7 relationship and for the past three years, slave raven. He's also been a Daddy for the past 3 years to Siren and an Owner of his property, Sweetsalt. 
Through his training, Neko discovered a desire to educate others -- helping people to understand the darker parts of themselves, dishing out his own variety of sadism, teaching about the connectivity of a Master/slave relationship, as well as being an active part of the community. He has been a part of the New York & Texas communities. In New York, he presented, played, and did fetish and rave photography. In Dallas, he's run various groups such as DFW Bound, the Bound Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, staff at the Dallas dungeon Sanctuary, Lead security for Beyond Vanilla, and was a Co-Producer of the Great Plains Olympus Leather. Since 2007, he's been an active part of the Mentors Program. Now he not only presents and mentors in Dallas, but owns the Mentors Program that is in Austin and Dallas with his slaves. He also teaches and judges at a variety of events in our community and currently, he is the Co-lead of MAsT: Dallas, a Co-Producer of the Mr. and Ms. Texas Leather titles, and a regular on a panel to teach graduate students in counseling about what we do.

Judge koneko

koneko has been walking a kinky path since 1991, having served both men and women on her journey. Since 2002, she has been in blessed service to Master Neko. She is a bisexual, poly, leather slave who loves kink education. During her leather path, she has been given opportunities to serve the community through a number of venues. In the past, she has been a part of the Fourth Friday Crew, staff at the Dallas dungeon Sanctuary, Education Director for NLA-Dallas, Workshop Director for Beyond Vanilla, Social Media Director for ILSb-ICBB, and a Co-producer for Great Plains Olympus Leather. She’s led various groups, either alone or with her Master, including DFW Bound, the Bound Rose Society, and Darker Paths. Nowadays, koneko is the co-director for MAsT: Dallas, a co-producer of Mr. & Ms. Texas Leather, Social Media Director for South Plains Leatherfest, and a Regent, Mentor, and Developer for the Dallas & Austin Mentors Programs. She’s been teaching in the kink community since 2007 both with her Master and on her own as well as having done a few keynote dinners.
koneko is also Wiccan, first initiated over twenty-five years ago and an active teacher and elder in the pagan community since 1999. She is always humbled when asked to conduct ceremonies, such as collarings, handfastings, weddings, or memorial services. 
She loves dancing under the moon, bottoming to her Master’s wild scenes, serving privately and publicly, having a full life, and enjoying the journey she is on.

Judge Okienawa and Judges' Majordomo gg

Okie has been involved in the public BDSM community for 19 years and the leather community for 17. He has held the following leather titles: Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2000, Mr. Great Plains Olympus 2005 and International Mr. Olympus International 2006 as well as being the 1st Openly Identified Heterosexual to compete at International Mr. Leather in 2000. He has written over 77 articles for The Leather Journal, The Leather Page, Fetbot, The Dominant's View The Leather Web and Kinbaku Today. In 2002, David was awarded a Pantheon Award for Community Service in the South Central Region. Okie has held many posts throughout his years: board member, fundraiser and leather contest producer for local, regional and national organizations. He has presented well over 100 classes and day long intensives about alternative sexuality. He is an avid rope enthusiast with a passion for Kinbaku and has studied extensively in Tokyo, Japan and throughout the United States. David has worked with the following photographers: Dirk Hooper, Sugiura Norio, Barelight, Janet Ryan, Captivating Image, Anthelian and Aeolis Est.

gg has been actively rope bottoming, demo bottoming and presenting with Okienawa for 9 years for the following; rope suspensions and floor work, needle play, deep tissue bruising and impact play, flogging, and objectification. she has presented at Shibaricon, Frolicon, Ropecraft, FIRE, Blackbeat, Bondage Expo Dallas, Westcoast Bound, Ropemix13 in New York, and Octroperfest.  gg is also active in her local and regional community including volunteering in Tribal Fire and Truly Bound. she has been an active bondage model working with photographers including Sean Grey, Dirk Hooper, Barelight, Aeolis_Est, CaptivaingImage, Knot_Head, and Janet Ryan.  her pictures have been seen at the Dirty Show and Pandora's Box of Fetish.


slave adeena

slave adeena started her journey over... now a lady never tells her age! The calling through the slave path grew her passion for protocol, rituals and the building of authority exchange relationships. She served in a Master/slave relationship for six years and has served two Trainers. 

slave adeena has grown in her slave and Leather path. This has led her to serve in a variety of ways. She is the 2017 International Person of Leather and the 2015 - 2016 Heartland Person of Leather. She is the current Co-Producer for Great Lakes Person of Leather. She is a full member of Blue Max C.C. St. Louis. She was the founder and executive producer for Show Me Leather 2015-2016.. She has presented at various BDSM clubs and conventions throughout the United States. slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and is always looking for ways to cross lines- and build communities.


Honored to be the 2017 Heartland Person of Leather 
I am a relative newbie to the Leather community however the more I learn about it the more I realize I have abided by Leather ideals my entire adult life.
I have met some amazing people through my recent journey being a title-holder, I have grown as an individual through Leather in many aspects and I strive to give back when the chance presents itself.
In my time as a title-holder I have had the privilege to teach, Learn, and serve my community and I will continue to do so. 
I am a lover of rope bondage and everything to do with it. I have learned from Osada Steve, Graydancer, Barkas, Okienawa (as part of KCKinbaku) among many others and I will continue to learn and grow as a rigger.


Boi Liam