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2021 Judges

Head Judge-Master Todd

Proudly hailing from Austin, Texas, Master Todd has been active in the BDSM community since 2004 and discovered Leather along the way. Growing up in an environment that made him constantly aware that his proclivities are different, he is a fan of sharp pointy things and medical play. He is honored to have served as the 2013 Southwest Master and currently serves as the Director of MAsT: Leander and the Assistant Regional Director for the Southwest Region.

Mistress Eliot

Mistress Elliot is a delightfully sadistic Dominant/Master. She teaches classes in all manner of ways to hurt your masochist, educates on the skills required for healthy power exchange and passionately advocates for good mental health in the lifestyle. She also specializes in workshops designed to introduce women to the power of the feminine. She, with her ever-faithful boys, slave Hagen & boy Anders spend most of their time traveling the U.S. in service to the leather community as GLLA titleholders and presenters. At home, Elliot works as a fulltime sex-positive therapist, educator, and owner of a community dungeon, The Black Dog.

Lady Aurora

Lady A has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, actively exploring the nuances of kink from Southeast Asia to Latin America, and many locales in-between. Growing up overseas meant she started her journey in the lifestyle with an international bent that has led to a multicultural attitude towards BDSM, kink, and relational dynamics.

Affectionately dubbed “The Kinky Empress” by her Houston community, She identifies as a Sadistic Dominant, covered Leather Master, and Pansexual Polyamorous cis Female. Today, she is a member of the Houston Scene, involved in a diverse array of projects, groups, and community activities, including NLA, HPEP, LeatherSIG, Houston Pony Play, Houston Mentor’s Alliance, Houston GLBTQ Caucus and many others. She has served on a variety of Boards and in a variety of leadership positions for the past 10 years, often focusing on education and outreach. She is best known for her presentations, demonstrations, and discussions on various EdgePlay topics.

She believes in the power of education and growth, and becoming the best version of ourselves. To that end, she teaches Leadership and Communication classes, and is also working on completing her second Masters’ degree. She is an avid reader, gamer, cosplayer, published author, mother, political activist, and volunteer and foster for numerous animal rescues. She shares her life with a loving husband & family, assorted 2 and 4 legged children, and extended Leather Family. They currently call Houston, TX home.

Sassy Nikki Nia
slave Sassy Nikki Nia is the owned and collared slave of Master Seykou Nia and majordomo for the House of Nia, a 24/7 M/s protocol based Leather household currently based outside of Denver, Colorado. She is a slave and Leatherwoman who began her exploration into BDSM over 15 years ago. Slave Sassy Nikki Nia is the recipient of the 2019 Pantheon of Leather Award for the Midwest region, creator and curator of "Surrender & Mastery" - offering mentorship, guidance and support for those in or who seek an Authority-based Relationship, bottom, service Top and proud slut slave.


Andrew started his journey into kink almost 20 years ago, but not coming into the greater kink community until 2015. Since that time, he has had the privilege to be the first Missouri Person of Leather in 2016 and was then the 2017 Heartland Person of Leather. Andrew devotes his time in trying to give back to the community, he is one of the Facilitators for RobeBiteKCMO, as well as a co-facilitator for the Kansas City Kink and Leather Unconference, he is part of the volunteer staff at IX Kansas City and an associate member of the Pioneers. Andrew travels across the country going to different Kink and Leather conferences and can usually be found at them backstage working with the production team. Andrew is a lover of all things Rope, he has had the chance to take classes and learn from Osada Steve, Greydancer, Barkas, Okienawa, Midori, among many others, he strives to share the rope related knowledge he has gained over the years and will be only too happy to demonstrate (with willing and consenting participants of course).

TC began his journey in 1987 and has never looked back. He was honored to receive his Masters Cover in December 2015. He is the head of House Cyclone that he started in 2011. His house symbol is a fire scorpion holding a purple rose. A group of scorpions is a cyclone, which is the origin of his house’s name.
Currently, TC is a board member of MAsT-DFW, and a Mentor for the Dallas Mentors program. In 2013, he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather. He enjoys teaching and has had the opportunity at WILL, Beyond Vanilla, other area events and various groups that meet at Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts in Dallas, and for NLA-Dallas. He has served as treasurer, tallymaster and Judge for various contests. In 2016 TC and his slave audra became new owners of the Great Plains Olympus Contest. He enjoys visiting groups to talk and teach as well as share his passion of our community by connecting with new people.

Judge's boy-Boy Liam
Boy Liam is boy to Master Malik and in A Leather family with Master Malik, Slave Cathy, Cabby Donkey, and slavegirl marion. He has been a member of Xpressions Dungeon for 6 years, a boot black for 4 of those years, and has had the privilege of exploring other communities through various events. Boy Liam is excited to serve our Heartland Person of Leather Judges again this year as Judges' Boy.

Den Daddy-SweetSalt
“This is SweetSalt, first of her name, Queen of the cunt snot and sweaty pits, Lord of Emetics, Lover of Power Exchange, Breaker of Taboos, the Blood Stained, the Screamer, the Licker of Toilets and the Mother of Mayhem.”

SweetSalt is a queer, polyamorous switch who fell in love with the more "taboo" fetishes very soon after she started all this kinky stuff in 2006. Up until then she was sweet and innocent and wouldn't hurt a fly. (Seriously!) SweetSalt has presented at many events and spreads her special brand of smut to decent people all over. There have not yet been any reports of it being contagious, so, y'know, that's a plus, but the people who witnessed it have never been the same.

She is a mentor for the Dallas submissive Mentors Program and hopes those listening to her ramblings can gain something from it. She shares her heart and her passions with multiple partners, but she is honored to present as slave and property of Master Malik, which almost positively makes him crazier than she will ever be.

SweetSalt has found her calling and passion in presenting on topics that are seldom discussed. She’s all full of woo and preaches the power of connection during scenes, relationships, and power exchange dynamics. If you give her a soapbox she will literally talk for hours to anything and anybody willing to listen. SweetSalt plans to continue learning on her journey and hopes to always be able to share what she learns with others.

Masters of Ceremonies-Chad and Ginger_syn
Chad has been a part of the leather community since 2000 when he began his leather journey under the mentorship of Daddy R in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the years he has been a member of several leather/fetish groups including the Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association, KC boys of leather, and part of Mama’s family as Mama’s Sweet and Evil. He most recently became one of the instructors of Kinbaku KCMO. Chad recently became the secretary of the Kansas City Pioneers. He has had extensive involvement with leather contests including serving as a producer, title-holder, mentor, judge and emcee. He was honored to be a judge at Mr. International Rubber contest and the International Mr. Leather contest. Chad lives in Kansas City with his partner Rebel and two bio dogs Rocket and Boomer.

Ginger_syn (she/her) is a saucy, switchy, pansexual, exhibitionist. She’s a nerdy, dirty, inked and curvy military veteran with a love for tacos. Ginger has been active in the Kansas City Kink community for several years and often teaches and leads discussions/demos and classes on polyamory, rope and other kinky topics. Ginger has presented in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma on her own and with her Sir, Strong_HandsMo. No stranger to the vanilla stage, ginger is excited to bring her brand of wit to OKLF as co-emcee with Chad (Dr_No_No). Ginger is raunchy and there’s often a ‘splash zone,’ - you’ve been warned.

WrathDaddy is the 2019 and 2020 Heartland Person of Leather, a horror and erotica author, former heavyweight kickboxing champion, former MMA trainer, former owner and proprietor of The Bacchanal, and a badass motherfucker who enjoys doing badass shit with other badass motherfuckers.

WrathDaddy has been a full-time and active member of Austin’s BDSM community since 2013, though he has been in and out of the kink community since 1991. Since then he has been a board member at large for GWNN (Group With No Name) one of Austin's oldest and largest BDSM groups, from 2015 through 2016, co-chairman of the GWNN Bash in 2015 and 2016, a mentor in the Austin Mentor's Program, Diversity Lead for Flame Conference 2021, and has presented workshops for SAADE, GWNN, Desert Dominion, Wicked Grounds, Flame Conference, Threshold, AHS Kansas City, and other local and national groups on topics ranging from the Daddy Dom/ baby girl dynamic to rough-body play, Diversity and Inclusion, knife-play, and Chokes for Sex and Submission. In 2019 he was a judge for the first Leather Littles competition at Show Me Leather.

He is the author of Kinky Adult Bedtime Stories (For littles, babygirls, and bois) and All The Kinky Kinksters From A to Z, as well as the erotic horror novels 400 Days of Oppression, Master of Pain, and the BDSM dark romance novel, Fight For Me, the poetry and short story collections: Cupid In Bondage, If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse, and many others.